worst VFX seen in recent times

Even as Andhra Pradesh has been known to be a huge market for visual effects in movies, to the likes of historical drama Magadheera and the romantic sci-fi film Eega from 2012, it has also been host to films like ‘Greekuveerudu’ which bombed at the box office owing for its poor use of technology. Greekuveerudu has even managed to known down the city’s industry reputation.

As for the visual effects in films, a leading cinematographer who worked in Magadheera and Eega believes that any and all visual effects, be it complex or simple, is based on time and budget. As for Greekuveerudu, Nagarjuna himself acknowledged publically that the CG work done in the film was not up snuff and he himself was not satisfied with it. He even took the initiative to get a few corrections done.