Nagarjuna wants to let go of 2013Both career wise as well as on the personal life front, Nagarjuna has had a bad year and he doesn’t want to carry forward the baggage in 2014. He said that 2013 was a disappointing year for him because both his films bombed at the box-office and his father was diagnosed with cancer. He said he doesn’t want to look back at last year and wants it pass as soon as possible.

Nag also said that he hasn’t signed any new projects because he didn’t like himself in Bhai, and therefore, dropped the films he was interested in doing initially. He is currently doing Manam because he would starring with his family in it. He added that he won’t sign any new films for sometime now as he wants to gather himself first and rethink about his career.

He said that the only good thing that happened in 2013 is the success of Uyyala Jampala, which he co-produced with friend Ram Mohan P. He is likely to concentrate on production in 2014 and may be his acting will take a back seat for the time being until he finds an interesting script.