There has been certain indecisiveness with Akkineni Nagarjuna when it comes to the launch of his son Akkineni Akhil. Initially they wanted to go with launch in the same way as Naga Chaitanya which is, get a good script and leave the rest to the fans and general audience. Basically the idea was to let the movie do the talking instead of creating huge hype and set expectations so high that they couldn’t be met.

But now it looks like the star father has decided on how to proceed with the debut vehicle of Akhil. Taking a leaf out of Bellamkonda Suresh and the way he launched his son Srinivas, Nagarjuna apparently has locked a grand debut for Akhil as well. He is willing to wait to get the right combination rather than rushing the production. While the fans might be disappointed initially when the film is finally launched they would all be happy lot, assures an insider. A no holds barred kind of publicity is being planned for Akhil as well. After Manam and MEK, this is the third good news in succession for Akkineni fans for sure.