nagarjuna-wedding-announcement-spoiled-samanthas-career-offersRight after Nagarjuna announced his son Naga Chaitanya is going to wed his girlfriend actress Samantha, offers had dried up for her. Who said this? It was none other than Samantha. The actress who is in peak of her career isn’t getting offers because of her marriage plans.

Both Sam and her would-be husband Naga Chaitanya expressed interest to continue her career as usual even after marriage. Even Nagarjuna is okay with his would-be daughter-in-law continuing her career in the film industry. Then who has problems and why isn’t she getting offers?

The problem is with the paternal mindset of people in the film industry. To many, marriage is like a spoiler and offers cease automatically after marriage announcement for actresses. Moreover, here it is Nagarjuna’s going to be daughter-in-law and how can they cast her in glamour roles opposite other heroes?

That’s the thought process of people in our society as a whole. The same exists in film industry as well. Whatever, Sam wants to prove and break the myth that marriage isn’t going to be a spoiler for her career. Good luck lady!