Nag says Except Jr.NTRThere are many star kids in Telugu Film Industry who had achieved stardom and are now reigning at the box-office as superstars. However, we, the audiences never noticed a similarity between them. But senior actor Nagarjuna did.

Nag says NTR is the only hero who could achieve stardom at a very young age, while the other superstars achieved stardom only after they crossed 30 years age. That’s really a very keen observation of Nag who thinks that more then the stardom, it’s the characters that speak the work of an actor.

Nag thinks that stardom will come when a hero chooses his roles going by the content and makes mature choices. He also advises the youngsters not to fall in the image trap and choose different scripts like Salman Khan did for ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. He also has a complaint on youngsters that they don’t follow social etiquette to congratulate on somebody’s success. But says it’s alright anyway.