Oopiri movie storyNagarjuna and Karthi’s bilingual film Oopiri is readying to hit the screens on March 25th. On this occasion, Nag interacted with media and shared why he rejected kichidi version of the film. Oopiri movie is adoption of the famous French film “The Intouchables”.

Oopiri project moved from NTR hands Karthi hands owing to non-availability of call sheets. NTR called Nagarjuna and requested to not to get angry until hearing full script fearing that he might reject the role of disabled man. At first, Vamsi Paidipally narrated the story of commercially adopted version in which Nagarjuna character has few songs and dances.

But Nagarjuna felt that the positivity of the original version lost due to Kichidi flashback and rejected the script. Nag asked Vamsi to make bonhomie of Original. Jubilant Vamsi replied “This what I want to hear sir”.