Nagarjuna Promises To Ensure It Will Be A HitKing Akkineni Nagarjuna is busy promoting his forthcoming release Wild Dog which hits cinemas the coming Friday. During the media interaction, he has given an assurance that makes the Akkineni fans happy and thrilled.

The issue here is regarding the 100th movie of Akkineni Nagarjuna. There is a slow but steady building hype on the landmark movie of the star. So many rumours are coming on the project. The latest is that it would also feature Akhil.

When the journos posed the same question to Nagarjuna, he did not confirm anything but gave a reply that made the fans very happy. Nagarjuna said that he is looking at all the possibilities for the 100th film. He says that he will ensure that the 100th movie is a hit and special one.

Fans of Akkineni Nagarjuna have very high hopes on the landmark movie from the star. They want it to be a box office success as well as a classic. When Nagarjuna said those words, they were thrilled with it and are now confident of the same.

Nagarjuna’s latest Wild Dog releases on April 2nd. We will see the star doing an out and out narrative-based movie after some gap. His previous movie in a similar space was Gaganam, and it was a good critical success. Akkineni fans are hoping Wild Dog will have critical as well as commercial success this time. The times too have changed, so their wish could be fulfilled.