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Nag Passed His Judgement on ‘Hello’

Nagarjuna Passed His Judgement on HelloBeing the producer of the movie, Nagarjuna will be the first to watch the movie when on the editing table and therefore, he is the right person to judge his movie. The movie in the discussion is ‘Hello’ and Nag exuded confidence when he said this is the kind of launch he wanted for his son.

Though the movie will have a set framework of time to happen within 24 hours, the screenplay will be excellent according to Nag who has full trust on director Vikram Kumar the way he could handle ‘Manam’ without confusing audiences. Coming to Nag, by the virtue of Nag’s recent blockbusters, he had developed a trust among the audiences for his judgment on the movies.

The ‘Kodutunnaam’ statement gives a sense of confidence and he proved right several times. We have to wait and see if Nag’s judgment proves valid, this time in the case of Akhil. This is a crucial movie for Akhil as he has to prove himself as a star material to look forward to. A few more days wait will give clear judgment on our Nag’s prediction.

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