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Dad’s Over Cautiousness Delaying Young Hero’s Film

Nagarjuna Over Cautiousness Delaying Akhil Akkineni FilmAfter his debut film turned out to be a big flop, Akhil is yet to begin his next. His second film is going to be helmed by director Vikram Kumar. The director is still working on the script and the dialogues of the movie. Why is there a delay in finalising the script?

It could be because Nagarjuna’s is over cautious about Akhil’s second movie. He might be under pressure that the launch pad of Akhil with V.V. Vinayak didn’t work out at all and there is this personal issue which is circulating among the audiences and media regarding Akhil.

Sources say that Nag didn’t like the script and the director had to make some changes to it as per the demands of the Akkineni scion. After all, it’s his son’s career and he needs to be cautious. Yet, this over cautiousness seems to be causing all the delay we are talking about.