Nagarjuna-&-Nani's-Arrival-ConfirmedSriram Adittya is helming the multi-starrer featuring Nagarjuna and Nani in the lead roles. It’s a known thing that Nani is playing a doctor and Nagarjuna is essaying the role of a don in this multi-starrer produced by Aswini Dutt.

According to the hearsays, the release date of the film is tentatively scheduled for the coming Vinayaka Chaviti that will fall on 13th September. The official confirmation from the makers of the movie regarding the release date is yet to come. By the way, 13th September is very close to ANR’s birthday that happens to be on 20th September.

Nag and Nani combination is very cool and it is up to the director to come up with an intriguing narrative to use the full acting potential and star power of the two actors. Nani and Nag compliment each other big way as both of them have fans majorly among the family audiences, especially, females.