Nagarjuna Modi meet draws sharp criticism

Actor Nagarjuna is facing the heat of the media and people within the industry currently over his meet with Narendra Modi today. People are critical especially about his opportunistic behavior which sees the actor shake hands with anyone who is believed to be in power or any party that is expected to be in power. People recall how years ago the actor has heaped shenanigans on N Chandra Babu Naidu, praising him and his government.

Later when his government was over thrown, the actor immediately shifted his loyalties to Y Rajasekhar Reddy and praised his policies and rule. The actor even during the last elections openly declared his support for YSR and even promoted him when required. Post his death he extended the support to YS Jagan and even visited him during the jail stay.

The reason why people are miffed with Nagarjuna seems to be specifically for this opportunistic nature where by all that Nagarjuna actually cares his own self interest. He stays in touch with these people in power for his own commercial gains and has absolutely nothing to do with any political ideology or personal like based on accountable principles. Even today his meet with Modi is said to be one such meeting which also has another agenda reportedly about letting her wife Amala contest on the ticket of BJP. All these selfish pandering is giving a negative buzz on him and his meet.

What do you think about the actor’s opportunistic ways? Does it need to be so obvious for everyone to comment or can it not be done silently behind the doors so as not let this negativity spill out in public? Share us your thoughts.