Nagarjuna’s-Missing-Fire-–Confirms-Fans-FearA day later when the dust has settled down, it is clear that fans were right all along. The fans we are talking about here is for Akkineni’s, and the movie is Officer. Ram Gopal Varma directs the film.

The pre-release event of NagRgv4, Officer, was held in Hyderabad recently. So far, fans had zero interest in the movie only because of Ram Gopal Varma, but they still had slight hope thanks to Nag’s judgement. The senior star in his comeback has not made a wrong move and delivered on the promises. His fire in the functions adds fuel to the fans interest. Unfortunately, no such thing was on display for Officer.

The lack of fire with the ‘usual confidence boosting keywords’ (Kodtunnam) has confirmed fans fear and they are now even more wary about the flick. Officer starring King Akkineni Nagarjuna hits screens all over on June 1st. We have to see if there is any possibility of redemption or if the worst fears of everyone come true.