Nagarjuna Knows Chay Samantha Marriage Will FailNaga Chaitanya and Samantha have parted ways and they are no longer together. They cited compatibility issues as the reason behind their painful split. Ever since, Chay and Sam and announced the divorce, there have been multiple reports pertaining to the topic. We keep hearing a speculative update or two almost every day. Now, here is an affirmative update on the ChaySam divorce saga, as revealed by Naga Chaitanya himself.

In his latest interaction with The New Indian Express, Naga Chaitanya opened up about Nagarjuna’s first reaction when he first told the latter that he is divorcing Samantha and is willing to part ways.

“The first person that I told was my father. The minute he heard the news, he looked at me and said, ‘You’re telling me this now but I’ve known all along,” Chaitanya told told The New Indian Express.

Well, it is very much evident that Nagarjuna seems to have found something wrong with their relationship and thought they would breakup.

“I am very proud of how calm Chaitanya remained through it all. He was not provoked into uttering a single word. Like any father, I was very worried about him. But he was more worried about me than I was about him. He would ask me, ‘You okay, Dad?’ and I’d be like, errr, ‘Isn’t that what I should be asking you?” Nagarjuna later told in his interaction with Film Companion.

Meanwhile, Chaitanya and Samantha are busy with their acting assignments now. Chay was recently seen in Bangarrajun and Sam sizzled in an item number in Pushpa.