Nagarjuna Keeps Personal & Business Interests Above IndustryThe cinema ticket prices issue in Andhra Pradesh is the most talked about topic. Cut to now, Nagarjuna was asked the same question while speaking at an event related to Bangarraju.

“Don’t bring political topics at this film event. This is not the right stage. I don’t have a problem with the ticket prices. My film(Bangarraju) does not have a problem with the current ticket prices.” Nagarjuna said.

Recently, Nagarjuna met with AP CM YS Jagan. Following the meeting said, Nagarjuna said his meeting with Jagan was a casual one and added he is a “good friend” of Jagan. Nagarjuna then faced flak over his “casual” response while Tollywood is facing a tough situation due to abnormally low ticket prices restriction in AP.

Now, Nagarjuna, who is said to be a business partner of YS Jagan has made another casual comment about the burning topic – cinema ticket prices issue. He has taken a very convenient stand and that doesn’t quite align with Tollywood’s interests now.

Notably, several cinema halls in AP are seizing operations due to the ticket prices issue and the entire film industry is in distress. There is even a talk that the AP government is doing all it can to suppress Tollywood and the film industry is facing an existential crisis now.

At a time when the film industry is in so much distress, one might expect Nagarjuna to at least stand by the industry that made him what he is today, he did not. At a critical time like this, Nagarjuna has kept his personal and business interests above that of the industry’s.