Nagarjuna In Sleep Mode!Senior hero Akkineni Nagarjuna has been facing flops like Manmadhudu 2, Wild Dog, and Officer for the past few years. Except for this year’s Bangarraju, none of Nag’s films performed well at the box office. Even Bangarraju didn’t perform as per the expectations despite being a Sankranthi release.

Currently, Nagarjuna is doing a new-age actioner titled, The Ghost, which is in the post-production stage. Being directed by Praveen Sattaru, the film carries a very low buzz among the audience. There are also rumors that the makers are planning to opt for an OTT release. Nag is also coming up with Brahmastra, but that film is also carrying zero expectations from Nag fans.

On the other hand, Nag’s colleagues Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna are signing back-to-back projects. While Chiru has three projects at the filming stage, Balayya’s lineup is also quite promising. But Nag’s lineup has been disappointing, and his choice of films also has been very bad as per the fans.

Akkineni fans on social media are ranting about how other senior heroes are signing exciting projects, whereas Nag is doing films that don’t generate even minimum hype even for the fans, forget about the normal audience.

It’s high time Nagarjuna comes out of his sleep mode and starts signing films that can restore the faith of his audience in him.