Nagarjuna's-Honesty-Card-Backfired-on-Them---Kalyan-Jewellers-AdKalyan Jewellers latest advertisement featuring Nagarjuna as an old man who comes to a bank to complain that his pension has been wrongly credited twice in his account has backfired. The Jewellery brand has to take down the ad extending an apology to the bankers.

The ad actually played the honesty card saying that ‘Trust’ is the most important thing for ‘Kalyan Jewellers. But, the entire ad shows the bank employees in poor light and hence, the banking community felt offended over the ad. So, the banking community was up against the jewelry brand and threatened to take legal action.

Thus, Kalyan Jewellers ad had to be withdrawn. It was made with Amitabh Bachchan and his daughter Swetha Nanda in Hindi and even the Hindi version of the latest advertisement was taken down regretting the hurt caused to a section of people for lowering their esteem.