Nagarjuna-AkkineniSometimes there won’t be an explanation to the crazy love that the fans have for their stars. That inexplicable mad love is what holds the film stars to smile and pass even the fan mob gives them difficult times. Hero Nagarjuna‘s loving visit to Akkineni fans association president’s house is melting the hearts of their fans.

Recently the news of Ravinder Reddy, the Akkineni fans association president has been making rounds on the internet with the Akkineni family celebs tweeting on social media conveying condolences on the demise of their beloved. They didn’t just keep it to the digital space, but Nagarjuna visited Ravinder Reddy’s home along with Amala to give regards to his family.

The pictures of the Nag and Amala consoling Ravinder Reddy’s family members are making quite a buzz on the social media. No wonder that’s how the fans love their favorite stars.