Oopiri  movieFrom the day audio of the film Oopiri was launched expectations among fans have increased about hat-trick success for King Akkineni Nagarjuna with this film. And the reason for such expectations were the words of none other than Nagarjuna. But is that a realistic expectation?

The makers have done all they could to promote the film and on top of that they have given the film a very good release as well. But unfortunately the audience don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm somehow. The bookings for the film are low and if we consider the fact that it’s a public holiday things get further bleak. The situation is same for both the versions with Tamil version being the poorer of the two.

Post blockbuster successes like Manam and Soggade Chinni Nayana surely the initial could have been better. Right now openings look to be on par with Manam at best and it released two years ago. So one can imagine the situation here. Everything is up to the reviews and word of mouth that emerges tomorrow now. Let’s wait and see if they do the trick in this case or not.