Nagarjuna Got Wrong Shirt & Had to Change Before the TeamKing Nagarjuna‘s upcoming movie ‘Wild Dog‘ has got a good buzz and thanks to the trailer cut that created good buzz for the movie. Nag wanted a tweet from the megastar who immediately said that he would treat for Nag irrespective of whether he likes it or not.

Nag also showed the trailer to Mahesh Babu who immediately responded saying the it was terrific and Nag took permission to use that response and share it on social media. He thanked them both for their positive reflections on the trailer.

Coming to the four actors who are seen along with Nag playing an NIA agent, sharing one of the anecdotes during the shooting, former Bigg Boss contestant Ali Reza revealed that one day the production team gave a wrong shirt to Nag and he had to change the shirt in front of them.

Lauding Nag’s fitness, Ali Reza said that Nag is fitter than what he seems and he is fit throughout the year unlike the youngsters who may not be sporting six-pack abs throughout the year. That’s a known thing but his co-stars getting to see his abs during the outdoor shooting is not.

Coming to the film’s release for the uninitiated, ‘Wild Dog’ was supposed to go for a direct release on Netflix. However, the makers of the movie retracted and pulled off the deal and now, they are going for theatrical release on 2nd April.