Telugu industry is a land of sentiment. Right from the muhurath of a film to Pumkin breaking ceremony (last day of shooting), Sentiments are followed every where. ‘King’ Nagarjuna who was termed as an otherwise non sentimental man also follow a sentiment in his movie releases. He always like to release his movies in the month of December. Incidentally or coincidentally, many of his super hit movies released in December. Since then he always tries to release his movies during that period.

But this sentiment is doing more bad than good to him. December is often a dry season for movies when openings seem to be weak, Even the long run of the movies is also not possible as the theaters are being removed for Sankranthi release. Nagarjuna’s last two movies, Rajanna and Ragada had suffered due to this. Nagarjuna had decided to forgo the ‘December’ sentiment on the pressure from fans.

His latest movie ‘Love Story’ under the direction of Dasaradh will be releasing in the month of January now.