Nagarjuna clean bowled by Mani Ratnam
Akkineni Nagarjuna is one actor who has always welcomes fresh blood and fresh ideas into Telugu film industry. Right from the days of Shiva to the latest Manam the actor has always given priority to freshness in scripts over routine mundane subjects. This has been his strength and over the years many directors from across the industries have narrated him various subjects that has excited him at various level.

But for the first time the actor says he was clean bowled by a subject narrated to him. This happened when Mani Ratnam narrated him 40 minutes of script from his upcoming film. Nagarjuna immediately then and there decided that he would be part of the film. This is the same project that also is going to star Mahesh Babu in it as well. And Nagarjuna himself has finally officially confirmed this piece of news as well. With so much hype already built ever before the film being on sets wonder what will happen when the film hits the theaters post summer next year.