Nagarjuna-Akkineni-BrahmastraVeteran actor Nagarjuna made comeback of sorts in Bollywood with Bramhastra. This is his first Hindi film after Khuda Gawah which released back in 1992. Nag played a cameo in Bramhastra.

Speaking about Nag’s role in the film, there isn’t nothing spectacular about it and at the same time, it isn’t bad either.

Nag’s Nandi Astra character in his comeback Hindi film, Bramhastra is a moderate one. It is just the kind of appearance that has nothing too bad or nothing too good about it. It just goes with the flow and doesn’t stand out.

It needs to be said that this stint might not greatly boost Nag’s Bollywood career. It is just about a decent one and doesn’t grab the attention of the audience to a great extent.

There isn’t too much talk about Nag in the Bollywood circles either. Bramhastra is mostly running on the big event film hype rather than the cast.