Nagarjuna's biased nature divides the house into two The fifth season of the Telugu TV show Bigg Boss is in the tenth week. With today’s episode, the show will successfully complete ten weeks. There are currently ten members in the house and Jessie will be eliminated in the tenth week. With 9 members, the game will enter a new level now.

However, the war is between Shanmukh Jaswanth and Sunny. Among the 9 housemates, Shanmukh and Sunny are enjoying a huge fan base outside the house.

Anee, Ravi, and Sreerama are playing as a group.
Kajal, Maanas, and Sunny are playing as a group.
Siri and Shanmukh is a pair.
Priyanka Singh is neutral in the house and she is more inclined towards Kajal’s group.

The netizens on social media are finding a fault with Nagarjuna’s confrontations during the weekend. They are unhappy that Nagarjuna is displaying his biased nature. Nagarjuna is giving enough chances to everyone in the house to make their points but is not letting Sunny and Kajal share the issues they have with others. Every weekend, Sunny is being cornered by Nagarjuna and others but the star host is ignoring the mistakes of Shanmukh, Anee, and Ravi.

For instance, during this week, Sunny lost his temper and used objectionable comments. However, Nagarjuna did not let him defend himself completely. Sunny made attempts to tell Nagarjuna that Shanmukh is not giving him a chance to form a connection. Sunny also shared that a lot of people are provoking him in the house for a lot of unnecessary reasons. However, Nagarjuna declared him guilty in all the issues.

Even in the case of Kajal, Nagarjuna is showing bias. When Anee wanted to share her issues with Kajal, Nagarjuna paid serious attention. When Kajal was trying to put her issues with Anee forward, Nagarjuna converted into a funny mode. Anee disrespected Kajal by imitating her in the most objectionable manner. Nag did not let Kajal use an opportunity to talk about the same. Despite Anee repeating it in the presence of Nagarjuna, the actor ignored it and declared Kajal guilty.

All this has resulted in the house clearly dividing into groups. Also, the netizens on social media are now divided regarding extending support to Sunny and Shanmukh. Going by the online trends, the war is between Sunny and Shanmukh.

The following are some of the responses of the fans on social media!

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