Nagarjuna Akkineni - Wild DogWith age, the stars like to get complacent. They cut down risks in their films and try to play safe. But that seems to be not the case with Nagarjuna at least for Wild Dog. Wild Dog as a film is tough for a star in his 60s to accept due to loads of action.

So, selecting such a script itself deserves a special mention for Nagarjuna. “Wild Dog is a story inspired by real stories and various bomb blasts that rocked the country. But it can not be narrated like that. So, we added loads of commercial action in the film to make it work,” Nagarjuna says.

“I am a fitness freak but it is not easy to do such action. Shooting in uneven terrains of the Himalayas would give me backaches, leg pains, body pains, etc. But that’s part and parcel of life,” the star who plays an encounter specialist added.

Besides working hard for the film, Nagarjuna went the extra mile to promote the film. Cutting short the schedule of his next film with Praveen Sattaru, he camped one week in Hyderabad aggressively promoting the film. He may be the only star who promoted his film so aggressively.

As a result, the movie managed to create a good buzz in the audience. Let us see if the movie becomes a hit and make his efforts worthwhile.