Nagarjuna Akkineni - Wild DogThe makers of Nagarjuna’s ‘Wild Dog’ have completed the major portions of the movie in Hyderabad before lockdown happened due to coronavirus pandemic. So, are they going to continue the shooting as the Telugu governments have given permissions for shootings?

The makers of Nag’s movie need to go either abroad or a different location out of the state to shoot the remaining portions of the movie. So, it all depends on the government permissions to be acquired in other states and countries.

However, they don’t want to make haste because the condition is still ambiguous and positive cases are increasing day by day. Safety precautions and shooting with a limited number of crew members, following the safety measures will be extremely crucial.

How would that work out? Things need to get back to normal before filmmakers can confidently go forward to plan the shootings of their respective movies. Director Solomon is concerned about the safety and that’s his priority right now.