Writer-Bezawada-Prasanna-Kumar-NagarjunaWriter Prasanna Kumar Bezawada is making his directional debut with Nagarjuna’s next. Prasanna weaved his own story but with some inputs from the Malayalam film, Porinju Mariam Jose (2019).

Producer Abhishek Agarwal brought these rights to Prasanna during the making of Dhamaka.

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The rights were purchased from an advance that was supposed to be paid to Prasanna, as they initially agreed.

But then, we do not know what happened but Abhishek Agarwal refused to transfer the rights to producer Chitturi Srinu who is producing Nagarjuna – Prasanna film.

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Abhishek himself announced doing a remake of Porinju Mariam Jose in Telugu and Hindi shocking Prasanna and Chitturi Srinu.

After negotiations, Abhishek agreed to transfer the rights and is getting a big amount for the same.

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The Telugu rights issue is solved. But the makers now want Abhishek to talk to the original producers and get the remake rights for the other languages as well.

They do not want to approach them separately because they are expecting a better deal for Abhishek as he is already in terms with them.

If the other language rights issue is also resolved, they are planning to have the film’s launch on March 23rd.

Prasanna is ready with the bound script and Nagarjuna is said to be very excited about the way the script has come up. Prasanna is confident of giving a big hit for himself and Nagarjuna with the film.