Nagarjuna Akkineni - Kalyan Jewellers Trust AdIt’s a known thing that Nagarjuna has been the face of Kalyan Jewellers’ advertisements since long. A brand new advertisement was released featuring Nagarjuna as an old man who goes to the bank to tell the Manager that his pension amount was credited twice in his account.

When the manager asks the old man to enjoy the double benefit, Nagarjuna fires at him and takes a class on honesty. The entire ‘Honesty’ card is played to say that ‘Trust’ is Kalyan Jewellers’ core agenda. Where there is honesty, there is trust. To see Nag in the old getup is not a new thing to the audiences.

This ad came in the wake of the recent scenario when a fake video had circulated on the Youtube and the social media platforms that some fake gold was caught by the Dubai officials at Kalyan Jewellers Dubai store. That fake video made a severe dent into the revenue of the stores and also the name. Looks like, this is an ad to counter the fake ad.