Nagarjuna Akkineni Own Comments Hitting Him Back‘Voyeuristic’ is the word Nag used to mention his disgust over Bigg Boss show in an old interaction saying that he doesn’t like that kind of shows.

Now, amidst the buzz that Nagarjuna is going to be the probable host for the third season of Bigg Boss 3, his own comments are hitting him. Trolls are social media are quoting his previous opinion on Bigg Boss, calling him opportunistic.

Some are asking if huge money has changed his opinion on Bigg Boss 3. Maybe, he doesn’t like the game but likes hosting it, says a troll. All in all, Nag’s comments are coming back to him.

In the show business, everything is fair. Making a statement and flipping it later isn’t considered a sin. What finally matters would be his hosting skills. Let’s see how the third season would turn out to be.