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Nag Fans’ Innovative Treat to RGV

Nagarjuna Akkineni Fans' Innovative Treat to Ram Goapl Varma (RGV)Nagarjuna and his producers openly declared that his ‘Officer’ is a disaster that made the makers suffer huge losses both financially and emotionally. For this epic disaster, Nag’s fans wanted to give an innovative treat to RGV.

They have got a life-size cutout of RGV and performed palabhishekam (bathing with milk) ritual like devotees do to idols in a temple. Well, this is the most satirical way that conveys many implicit meanings. It’s like, ‘Enough🙏! Please leave Nag and never ever try to make another film with the Akkineni family heroes’.

Officer‘ has got poor ratings and it recorded the worst performance of Nag, worse than ‘Kedi’ and a couple of others. Fans are hoping big time that Nag will not even think of giving Akhil to RGV for the project that RGV kept on acknowledging. We don’t think Nag would ever make that mistake.

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