Nagarjuna-Akkineni-Comes-Clean-on-IT-RaidsWhile there has been a buzz that several offices of top production houses in the Telugu Film Industry and also stars’ residences were raided by Income Tax Officials recently, there was no candid confirmation about the same.

But, our Tollywood Manmadhudu Nagarjuna came out clean on the IT raids with a Twitter message informing us that he has been getting calls from friends asking him about the income tax raids.

He quipped, “This is news to me and no such raid happened on me or my offices.” A couple of days ago, the IT raids news was covered by most of the tabloids and websites but there was no proper information and details, whatsoever.

Going by Nag’s tweet, should we think that income tax raids didn’t happen at all? Well, maybe or maybe not! By the way, his fans awaiting the announcement of his next Telugu movie. ‘Manmadhudu 2’ has disappointed them, big time.