Nagarjuna Clarifies about his Black MarksNagarjuna is one of the first Tollywood celebrities to congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the announcement of Demonetization. Even the Prime Minister acknowledged thanking Nagarjuna for his support. But then Nagarjuna is being ridiculed in Social Media as he and his Annapurna Studios is notified as Loan defaulters last year.

The actor cum businessman clarified about this in his Twitter account a little while ago. “It is true we took a loan frm banks to build new film facilities at annapurna studios earlier. ALL LOANS HAVE BEEN CLEARED EARLIER THIS YEAR (sic)” Nagarjuna clarified about those allegations.

He also added, “For the few who may believe so neither me nor annapurna studios owe any money to any banks!!FYI 🙏 (sic)”. The Clarification should erase the Black Marks on Nagarjuna and Annapurna Studios.