nagachaitnya manjima mohanManjima Mohan is making her dual debut in Tamil and Telugu with Gouham Menon’s upcoming movie ‘Saahasam Swaasagaa Saagipo’ in Telugu and ‘Achcham Yembatu Madamaiyada’ in Tamil. She is romancing Naga Chaitanya for Telugu version and Shimbu for the Tamil version.

As, on screen kissing scenes are common in Goutham Menon’s films, Manjima Mohan confirmed in advance that she wouldn’t be comfortable doing the kissing scenes and hence laid down the condition that she isn’t going to kiss Chaitu or Shimbu for Goutham’s film. This confirms that unlike ‘Em Maaya Chesave’, there isn’t going to be any kissing scenes.

The debut actress thinks that she is fat and surprised that Goutham has signed her for making her debut in Telugu and Tamil, two big industries in South. Though she is considered fat, the actress is working out to look good on screen and hence toning up her body.