Manaswini K | March 22, 2017 at 5:03 am |

Nagababu Overreacted for Facebook Post on Pawan Kalyan

Nagababu Overreacted for Facebook Post on Pawan KalyanCharacter artist Sameer is known as a non-controversial actor who minds his own business. That doesn’t mean controversies won’t bump into him, unknowingly. For a genuine opinion he shared on the Facebook, he was given left and right by Nagababu.

Once, when Sameer shared his opinion on one Pawan Kalyan’s film which turned out to be a disaster expressing that Pawan’s stardom shouldn’t be misused making such a movie, Nagababu overreacted to this Facebook post and called Sameer to scold him for making his opinion public.

Immediately, Sameer deleted that post but wondered what was wrong with sharing his feelings. Later, he got a call from Pawan Kalyan supporting his opinion and asked him to give back to Nagababu that as he was right in his expression. Sameer shared this during one recent interview which shows that Nagababu’s reactions sometimes are instinctive, aren’t they?

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