Nagababu-Gets-Timing-WrongThe alliance between TDP and Janasena hogged the headlines for the last few days. Chandrababu himself meeting Pawan Kalyan has sparked the speculations.

Nagababu who opposed TDP and made mocking comments via his YouTube channel before the 2019 elections were also present at the meeting.

At this juncture, Nagababu conducted an #AskNagababu session on Twitter. But then the timing seems to be so wrong because most of the questions were not answerable.

His Timeline has been flooded with questions and suggestions about the alliance. Janasainiks was asking him about the alliance, seat-sharing, power-sharing, and many questions about the alliance.

Firstly, the alliance is not confirmed officially, and talking about the remaining details is way too early.

Moreover, Nagababu is not a person who can decide or talk about such crucial issues. So, the timing of the session is wrong.

Interestingly, At the time of writing this article, Nagababu picked only one question (that too not about the alliance) in three hours after the session started.