Nagababu must have been waiting on his son Varun Tej’s movie launch for a while now. He wouldn’t have expected the event would leave him with mixed feelings. For starters, Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan both have attended the movie launch event yesterday but Pawan looked moody and left the event with out greeting his brother Chiranjeevi and most importantly he did not wait to introduce Varun to the mega fans who made it to the event.

Had Pawan Kalyan stayed back and did his usual brief speech it would have been a great start for a debut actor like Varun Tej. Not only that, it would have left Mega brother Nagababu in complete satisfaction.

One can smell if there is any thing it must be between Chiru and Pawan. Nagababu openly said few months ago it was Pawan and Chiru who came forward and bailed him out when he was in deep financial mess. Those who have made it to the event felt if not for some one else Pawan should have stick back and encouraged Varun for the sake of his brother Nagababu.