Naga Shourya Gets Into Terrific Beast ModeAll the recent pics of Naga Shourya flaunted his newly acquired chiselled features with six-pack abs and a body suitable for a lean and strong archer. There must be a lot of dedication and hard work behind this.

Taking his dedication and passion for the profession to the next level, it’s learnt through his PR team that he stopped drinking water and isn’t even swallowing his saliva for the last five days. That’s incredible and fiercely grave.

Getting abs is one thing and maintaining the abs means the actor must maintain a strict diet regime along with some exercise. Now, we understand that his diet was very strict that he can’t even drink water.

Only after filming his scenes that would include his show of an archer’s body, Naga Shorya might get back to normalcy. There are many actors who did the same but didn’t hear to the level of not swallowing one’s saliva even.