Naga-Shourya-about-pwan-kalyanThis New Year release ‘Abbayitho Ammayi’ had some sequences in which the hero, Naga Shourya tries to woo heroine using the profile pic of Pawan Kalyan for his Facebook account. When asked about using Pawan’s pic, in a media interaction Naga Shourya says that it was the director’s call not his idea.

The young hero says he is a fan of Nagarjuna and NTR but like everyone he also likes Pawan Kalyan. The director conceptualised inclusion of Pawan Kalyan pic when he wrote the story. Even the portion to woo Niharika was shot for the film and dubbed even before his next with Niharika was launched reminds Naga Shourya.

Talking about the toughest emotion, he thinks that he can’t emote ‘jealousy’ and he had tough time to show jealousy in ‘Oohalu Gusa Gusalaade’ but somehow managed it with difficulty after rehearsing the emotion several times.