Naga Shourya Irritated with the TagThe teaser of handsome and talented hero Naga Shourya’s forthcoming movie ‘Ashwathama‘ was released at a teaser launch event. The hero seems to be booming with confidence one can see that on his face.

Speaking of which, Naga Shourya said at the event that he gets irritated with the tag he was given. That’s the ‘lover boy’ tag. He is unlike anything who can be called a ‘lover boy’ in real life and wants to get rid of it.

He said confidently that ‘Ashwathama’ would erase that tag as we have seen in the teaser that it is an action-based flick. Naga Shourya penned the story for this action film based on two different events that rang the alarm bell about the safety of girls.

The teaser of ‘Ashwathama’ showed us a different Naga Shourya and maybe, it would get rid him of the aforementioned tag that irritates him. The premise has a lot of scope for delivering an engaging action drama.