Naga Shourya Gets Into Terrific Beast ModeThis might be hard to believe, but the transformation of Naga Shourya for his next movie that #NS20 is certainly mind-blowing. The young hero’s work out pics came with the tag, “Beast mode work outs. Uncompromising efforts for his next.”

With the kind of body transformation he has worked for, we might expect something on a big scale, i.e., an action thriller that would change his image as a young guy who is fit for soft and the boy-next-door roles.

He has been trying this image makeover for a while and his last release ‘Ashwathama’ was also meant to change his image. However, he still needs a good story that would befit him and help him connect with the audiences with this transformation.

Nevertheless, this terrific body he has attained is creating curiosity and let’s see what he has got on his platter.