Naga-Shaurya-Sai-Pallavi-KanamWhenever one mentions the movie name ‘Fidaa’, immediately it’s Sai Pallavi’s name that crosses the minds of the audiences. Does she really deserve the credit? According to Naga Shourya, the credit doesn’t belong to Sai Pallavi, alone.

In an interview, he gave most of the credit to the Telangana slang besides Varun Tej’s subtle action, Shekar Kammula’s story, taking and his decision to use Telangana milieu for the backdrop and slang for the heroine.

He further elaborated that Telangana slang sounds good when mouthed by any girl and that’s the reason why the heroine seemed to be more beautiful. It’s not that Sai Pallavi isn’t beautiful but the credit must go to her slang in the film, Naga Shourya argued. But he totally ignored the fact that she is not a Telugu or Telangana girl but still dubbed her own voice in Fidaa.

Naga Shourya and Sai Pallavi are coming with the bilingual ‘Kanam’ and there had been rumours that Naga Shourya was pissed off with Sai Pallavi’s behaviour but the reason is unknown. Is Naga Shourya’s talk about Sai Pallavi hinting the same?