Naga Shaurya Gay FriendsNaga Shaurya’s Nartanasala was well received with the teaser out recently where the hero is seen playing a gay character. When asked if he had trouble perfecting the role on the camera, the actor said it was not at all difficult to carry play Gay and the reason is his friends.

As the hero says he has a lot of Gay friends and he hadn’t needed to do any homework to ace the role in the film and hence he had the opportunity to see the body language and the nature of gays very closely. That is what helped him portray the role comfortably without any hassles as the star says.

“I had the chance to watch them closely as I hang out with them out and in the parties,” the actor says. Well, the film has a great scope for the comedy and the lead playing a full-fledged gay role is a new thing to the audience. The film is for release this weekend and we have to see how the film goes with the people.