Is-The-Route-Clear-For-Naga-Shaurya-To-Repeat-HistoryNaga Shaurya is awaiting the release of his ‘Aswathama‘ and the hero is busy promoting his movie giving interviews. In one of the promotional interviews, Naga Shaurya was asked about the reviews willing newly released movies.

He made sense when he said that no reviews would save or drown a movie if the content is good and no reviews or reviewers can save a movie if it is not good. It’s the private opinion of the individual and one must respect it.

“They write what they liked. You’ll listen to what you liked and we’ll do what we want to,” said the hero who further added that reviewers don’t disturb the filmmakers while making the movie and therefore, one should not disturb them when they review the movie. It’s their opinion.

“If a movie is really good, no one can kill it,” according to him, and we have to agree to it. Many put the blame on the reviewers when their movie open to poor talk. He seems to be having a clear opinion on the nature of feedback that comes in the form of reviews and word of mouth.