Naga Shaurya Must Be a Happy Man Irrespective of ItNaga Shaurya’s passion for cinema and his hard work were seen by the audiences during his promotional activities for his latest release ‘Ashwathama’. Irrespective of the result of ‘Ashwathama‘, Naga Shaurya must be a happy man, now. Why?

He has written and produced the movie, and he definitely improved his screen presence in this movie. Naga Shaurya tried his best compared to his previous films. His hard work and passion are visible in the movie and the promotions he did for the film.

At the end of the day, audiences have noticed his work. A section of audiences who like thriller genre feels that he should have taken care of the script and then, he would have hit the target. Nonetheless, he attempted the thriller genre quite sincerely and his sincerity s visible.

We know, thrillers are hard to make and have a limited market. Naga Shaurya gave his best shot compared to his previous works. His commitment and passion earned him something out of this project.

His improved screen presence will definitely earn him better and diverse roles that he wants to try other than lover boy roles.