Jr NTR - Naga -ShauryaIn several of his past interviews and interactions with media, Naga Shaurya has expressed his love towards Jr NTR as the actor who has been an inspiration for him. When he took NTR’s name at the pre-release function of ‘Ashwathama’, one must know that it’s not today he did that.

Remembering NTR’s caution to his fans to go home safely after his pre-release events, Naga Shaurya said the same at the event. In the recent interview also he mentioned that he wants to do a multi-starrer with NTR at least once.

However, that would take time as it’s not a joke to match the acting skills of the Nandamuri scion, said Naga Shaurya who wants to play an antagonist’s role whenever the multi-starrer happens in the future. During the promotions, he isn’t hesitating to mention NTR’s name.

‘Ashwathama’ did a good job in creating curiosity on the movie and the rest of it depends on the first talk and reviews. The word of mouth is going to be very crucial for this movie that’s coming on 31st January.