Naga Shaurya Cameos for Only Those Two Directors‘Oh Baby’ is a blockbuster in its own right and we know that Sam walked away with all the credit for her performance. Naga Shourya‘s role can be tagged as a special appearance in an extended role. Why did he agree to do that cameo role that was extended?

Naga Shourya says he liked the role that director Nandini Reddy offered him. It’s not just liking the story. He would’ve done any role in the film if Nandini Reddy has asked him just like that without telling the story, even.

He is game to take cameo roles only if he likes that story. But, it isn’t the case with Nandini Reddy and Avasarala Srinivas. They are very special for him and he’ll do any role for them, anytime. He says Nandini is like a sister for him.

With recent flops, Naga Shourya has got a super hit film ‘Oh Baby’ that is a breather for him as it would help him not to go out of the sight till his next movie arrives.

By the way, the handsome hero’s next movie ‘Palana Ammayi Palana Abbayi’ is with Avasarala Srinivas, one of his two favorites.