Naga Chaitanya SamanthaChay Akkineni has gone through a lot in his life recently but he has not shown it publicly. The manner in which he is facing the media and fans post his divorce with Samantha has won the appreciation of many.

Chay was finally confronted about his divorce with Sam in an interview yesterday. Being a gentleman, he did not get angry or feel embarrassed and happily replied to the question. Chay said that it is good for both of them to get separated if things are not going well between them. What matters is the happiness for both he ended on a positive note.

Ever since this clip of Chay speaking about his divorce has gone viral, the media and fans are praising the way he handled the entire situation with quite a maturity. But on the other hand, when Sam was asked the same question she got frustrated.

Not once but Sam had lost it on multiple occasions and even filed a case against YouTube channels for talking about her divorce. Even the courts slammed her and asked Sam not to put her private life in public.

Even now, Sam shows her frustration now and then through statements and notes on social media but Chay is a smart cookie and does not get offended at all which indirectly shows his upbringing and gentleman nature.

He is now gearing up for the release of his new film Bangarraju which will showcase him in a mass avatar along with his dad Nagarjuna.