Naga Chaitanya Plans for Honeymoon with SamanthaContrary to the speculations that Naga Chaitanya’s wedding with Samantha would be a destination wedding, the duo is planning for a wedding in Hyderabad. It’s because they understand that elders in the family can’t travel long and hence a wedding in Hyderabad would ensure that everybody would be in attendance.

The marriage will happen in both Hindu and Christian traditional styles. Samantha’s parents can speak Telugu as Sam’s father happens to be a Telugu from Madurai. So, they can manage Telugu.

In a recent interview, Naga Chaitanya revealed that he would like to wear traditional attire like he had worn in ‘Manam’ as a bridegroom. He isn’t particular about his clothes, but Samantha is very interested in the kinds of outfits she chooses for herself. Like her engagement saree filled with memories, even her wedding saree might be a big surprise.

After the wedding, they also have plans to go to New York for their honeymoon as they have many sweet memories of the city when they were shooting for their first combination in ‘Em Maaya Chesave’. They wanna refresh those memories visiting those places they had shot for the movie. The marriage is going to happen in October, this year. The date isn’t fixed, though.