Naga-ChaitanyaNaga Chaitanya had been in decent form of late. He delivered decent hits with Love Story and Bangarraju. But there’s not a lot going into Chaitanya’s upcoming film, Thank You.

In fact, Akkineni fans themselves are urging Chaitanya to take the action route.

Akkineni fans point out that Nagarjuna is coming up with an action thriller, The Ghost, and also, Akhil is lining up a full-on actioner, Agent, while Chaitanya is coming up with a sensible film like Thank You.

Given the current trend, only high octane action thrillers are standing a chance at the box office. Chaitanya should take the action route soon. Hope director Venkat Prabhu’s NC22 will be a proper action entertainer, Akkineni fans comment.

Chay is currently standing as the odd man out in the Akkineni family as he coming up with Thank You, while Nag and Akhil have lined up proper action thrillers.