Nani - Naga ChaitanyaNatural Star Nani and Yuva Samrat Naga Chaitanya were the first heroes to have faced the brunt of COVID Second Wave. Their Tuck Jagadish and Love Story were postponed at the eleventh hour after completing all their promotions.

Things have changed drastically over the last few months. Tuck Jagadish has ended on Amazon Prime Video. Love Story is just announced for September 10th as Vinayaka Chaviti Special. Nani whose first film, V also released on OTT.

The actor has batted big time for Theaters but finally had to give up and agree for OTT Release. Meanwhile, Naga Chaitanya will also be nervous. His film will be the first big release in theaters after the Second wave. The movie will test ground for Dussehra biggies and so the nervousness will be there.

Interestingly, both the movies may come before the audience at the same time. Tuck Jagadish is also likely to release on OTT for Vinayaka Chaviti.