Naga-Chaitanya-Afraid-of-Going-to-TheatersLike many of the young second league heroes who go to watch their movies along with the audiences trying to catch the pulse of the audiences, Naga Chaitanya says he is quite afraid of watching his films sitting with common audiences. The reason was one of his experiences that he had during the initial days of his career.

He went to watch one of his films with fans. But, he saw the audiences walking out of the theaters before the movie came to an end. This has stopped him from going to the theaters. So, he prefers sitting in home and waiting for the fans’ calls who tell him about the responses. Recently, we have seen Vijay Deverakonda watching his ‘NOTA’ sitting with the audiences.

Earlier, it was Nikhil, Nithin and a few others who watched their movies in theaters. When it comes to the star heroes, they avoid going to theaters fearing the crowds and the security issues that would arise because of their presence in the public. It’s the best way to avoid the kind of mishaps that happen when a star hero comes into public and sit along with the audiences.